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First 30K Tax-Free

On April 15th of this year, my son Joshua (21) came to and said; “Dad, I have to pay $1500 in state income tax.”  I was just about to say; “Welcome to the real world son.”  In Wisconsin, the state income tax starts on the first dollar you earn at a 4% rate ($0 to $11,230). But then I thought; "Wait a minute, shouldn't our tax laws be favorable to those who are just getting started?"

We all love our kids and want NOTHING to stand in the way of them growing up, getting a job, and becoming successful in whatever profession they choose to pursue.  In addition, wouldn't it be great if they could do that and stay in Wisconsin?  I think so.  

I propose making the first $30,000 of every Wisconsinite's hard earned income "tax free".  This will put over $1,000 back in the pocket of every tax payer.  People work for themselves and their family, not the government. 

“Yes Joshua, welcome to the real world, but if I’m elected, I’ll make it a little bit easier.”


“It’s a privilege, not a paycheck”

I am not a politician, so I haven’t met many until now.   The impression I’m getting from politicians on both sides is that getting re-elected is their top priority.

To some, it’s the best job they’ve ever had: salary, benefits, prestige, and power.  It makes sense, but is it good for our society?

There was a day when representatives went to the statehouse, did their duty, and then hustled back home to take care of business.  They treated it more like jury duty than an all-expense paid life, with a lucrative job waiting for them when they decided to let someone else take their place.

I propose a two (2) term limit on all elected officials in Wisconsin.  Term limits alone won’t solve the problems, but we can’t begin to solve any problems without them.


Civility or Civil War?

People come into our coffeehouse everyday and meet their friends, family, clients, etc...
They have a cup of coffee and a sticky bun and then they work out whatever the issue for that day is.
Politics can be the same.  This is our country and state.  We can figure out ways of making it better without making each other bitter.
We need to stop letting the media and certain politicians divide us into groups pitted against each other.
Find common ground, and work from there....